What is Game Server Tools (GST)?

Hello and welcome to the GST Documentation. Chances are if you are reading this, you already have, or are looking to purchase a GST Subscription for your Game Server Community. This Document will showcase all that GST has to offer, as well as guides on how to fully set up and utilise GST. Hopefully, this document will answer any questions you may have. As always please do contact us if you have any issues or queries!
Main Dashboard site: https://gameservertools.com/
GST Official Discord: https://discord.gg/gCQ7aRSmby
GST Email: [email protected]
Scam Beware! Rust Server Tools only uses one Discord Bot. That being the one linked on this page. The bots tag is #1662 and the Discord ID is 895357042036965447. Be sure you have been given an invite link from a official source.
Good to know: We love Discord! If you want quick and near instant support join our discord. You can also Discord direct message us instead disneyworld1971

What is GST?

Simply put, Game Server Tools is a better way to manage your server. Unsatisfied with the current (and lack of) server management tools, we have developed a number of tools and features to allow you to manage your Rust Server easier and more efficiently, all on one dashboard.
We understand setting up a server is daunting, especially from a technical point of view, as such, we have designed GST to be easy to use, you will not need to touch a line of code, server console etc. All of our tools are designed to work seamlessly with each other.
These tools (currently) are:
  • Discord Linker - Discord and Steam account linking solution
  • GST Reports - A reporting tool that extends in the in game f7 functionality
  • Player Count Bots - Server player count status bot for Discord
  • Ban Ctrl - A centralized banning platform
  • Nitro Boost Rewards - Reward players with rewards
  • Server Stats - View your servers play time and player specific sessions
  • GST Tickets - A Discord ticket solution that links with the rest of GST
  • Tebex Integration - Most of your tools can integrate with Tebex
Tebex: Tebex is a server monetization platform. Its the industry leader for accepting payments for in game rewards. You can sign up here https://tebex.io Free plans are available. Game Server Tools is not affiliated with Tebex Ltd
To see a detailed explanation and demonstration of all the tools, please go to their relevant sections in the document. You can navigate to them by using the panel on the left.
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