Discord Channel Message

Report Message

In the picture below you can see an example report.

The webhook will show:

  • Reported players name/steamID/Steam profile link

  • What they have been reported for

  • Total reports

  • The server they have been reported on

  • Reporters player name/steamID/Steam profile link

  • Reporters message

  • Attachments with information based on the report

If the player has been reported for cheating above the report message a txt file of their recent combat log will be added.

If the player has been reported for abuse/racism etc, included above the message will be a txt file of their recent chat history

Report Interaction

Within the report are three buttons. They are all used to interacting with the report. These buttons can only be used if the correct report permission has been assigned to the user pressing them. Read here for more info on user permissions.

  • Mark as Seen

  • Add Comment

  • Close Report

  • Mute

More buttons will be added as we continue to develop this tool further

Mark As Seen

Pressing the green ‘Mark Seen’ button will update the message. It will change the colour of the report message to yellow and add a message that shows which admin/mod has seen the report.

This allows servers with a large moderation team to manage reports much easier - you can see who is handling what, removing a lot of confusion and time wasting.

Add Comment

The add comment button will give you 60 seconds to write a comment for the report. This can be anything, for example, you could write ‘I will take a look at this player in 5 minutes. time’, or, after you have reviewed the player, you may wish to leave a comment regarding your findings.

Mute Button

Pressing the ‘Mute’ button will allow you to choose how long you wish to mute the player for. Once you have made your selection a mute command will be sent out to all of your servers. For this feature to work ensure you have set up your servers correctly and that you have provided the RCON password. Learn more about server setup here.

Muting someone will send the following command "mute player reason duration" It will work with both the vanilla muting tool and the ‘Better Chat Mute’ - the most commonly used muting plugin on Umod.

Close Button

Finally, pressing the red ‘Close’ button will update the report, changing it to green, as well as displaying which admin has closed the report.

Info: All actions you complete on the report in the Discord channel will also be updated on the dashboard. You can read more about the dashboard report tool here.

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