Play Time Rewards

Play Time Rewards is an easy way to reward players with a Tebex Package once they reach a certain amount of time played on your server. Play Time Rewards are a great way to increase user retention on your server. Once users feel they have an exclusive reward to work for, or are being rewarded simply by playing on your server, they are much more likely to dedicate time to your server over multiple wipes.

Example of some play time rewards

Pressing the 'Add new Reward' button as shown in the picture above, will bring up the menu shown below.

Navigate through these drop down menus to create your play time rewards

You will need to create the Tebex Packages/Coupons on your Tebex Dashboard, that you wish to award to players. You will need to create the Discord Role that will be applied (should you choose to have one), in your Discord Server.

You will should create a new reward, increasing in value, for increased time spent on your server('s)

In the Settings Page of the GST Dashboard, you should select which discord channel you wish to send the Play Time Rewards claim button to. Make sure to send to a channel which your users can access!

Once you have created your reward packages and sent the interaction panel to your Discord channel of choice, you will see something like this appear in said channel:

Example Panel - yours will differ based on the rewards available

This panel is where your users will claim their play time rewards. Once you have created the rewards and sent the panel, you no longer need to do anything, it is all down to the users to claim their rewards.

Pressing the green 'Check Time Played' button will display this information to the user: - Time Played on the server('s) - What rewards have been claimed

Pressing the blue 'Claim your Rewards' button will apply any rewards that the user has unlocked.

If they do not have any rewards available, a message will appear letting them know.

As long as the GST Stat plugin is installed, it will track their playtime and they will be able to claim play time rewards as soon as they are linked.

For example users could play 6 hours unlinked, then link their account, and the 6 hour playtime would have been tracked, and their rewards would be available to claim.

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