Rcon Tool (Currently In Beta)

Please note our Rcon Tool is currently in beta, and certain features are subject to change and there may be some bugs, however the core functionality is sound.

Our Rcon tool allows you to send server commands from our dashboard, allowing you to manage your server from wherever you are.

Once you have selected a server, the Rcon page on the dashboard will look something like this:

The buttons you can see on the right hand of the page will execute the command in the server once pressed, so be careful when pressing some of them! You are also able to type commands to execute in the console on the right hand side. We have implemented a suggested command feature - certain words will provide suggested commands relating to that word. For example typing the word 'kick' will suggest the following commands:

Heading to the 'Players' section of the Rcon Tool will display the following information:

Pressing the 'I' button in the 'Action' section will display the buttons you can see on the right. Pressing these buttons will execute the displayed command on the server.

Finally, heading to the 'Plugins' section of the Rcon tool will display this information:

Here you are able to view all of the plugins currently installed on your server, as well as the author, version number and hook time.

Pressing the button in the blue square will reload the plugin.

Pressing the button in the red square will unload the plugin.

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