GST Stats

GST Stats allows you to see a number of statistics about your server(‘s). You can access GST Stats on our dashboard here.

In order to setup GST Stats, please download and add the plugin from our discord channel here.

This feature of GST is fairly self explanatory. We recommend you explore this section yourself to get the best understanding of it, though a brief explanation can be found below.

In short, GST Stats will provide you with a visual understanding of when your server is the most/least active.

You are able to see first time players, average player count, average play time, highest/lowest play time, as well as the top players per day. Several areas around GST allow you to open the player info menu - their full playtime can be found there.

You are able to see all these stats in either a daily or weekly format - to select a specific date use the buttons in the top right of the page.

Viewing a linked player on GST (not just on the Server Stats page) will now show their game sessions on your server.

Currently there is no limit to the amount of data we store for your servers (however this will change with time)

Please be aware that we cannot provide server stats from before you signed up to GST. Statistics are only available from the date you have signed up (and weekly stats will not be available until a Monday has passed after the sign up date)

The daily statistics are generated at 11AM GMT for the previous day (this will soon be changed to midnight GMT) The weekly statistics are generated at 11AM GMT on Monday for the previous week (Monday to Sunday)

We find making sense of these statistics will allow you to develop your server and increase its player count - when you can see clearly the times players aren’t playing, you are able to direct focus to that area - perhaps there are no active admins at this time, causing players to disconnect?

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