User Linking Page

Below is an example of a user linking page, as well as its URL -

The landing page is where your players will go to link their accounts. It follows a three-step process.

  1. Sign in with Steam

  2. Sign in with Discord

  3. Link accounts

If you want to try this flow out head to the Rust Arcade Discord Linker site and link your account.

Each of the red boxes shows an area of the landing page that can be customised to fit your server.

  • Box 1: Choose any image to have here.

  • Box 2: Think of a warm welcome message for users who are going to link their accounts - This is not currently available

  • Box 3: Changed to your servers name - This is cannot be changed once setup

  • Box 4: Changed to your servers logo

  • Box 5: Changed to your servers name, each server will have its own custom linking URL -’yourservernamehere’

These settings are all configured in Discord Linker settings page found here.

Discord Linker Settings

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