Discord Linker Discord Bot Tools

The GST Discord Bot also comes with tools for using Discord Linker.

Slash Commands

The GST Bot uses Discords slash commands and not chat commands. There are multiple commands available. They are:

  • /linkcheck userid - Replace user id with a Steam Id or Discord Id

  • /linkcheck discordUser - Replace discordUser with @DiscordUse

Only you will be able to see the information displayed. If the user requesting the link check only has the Discord Linker permission "No Personal Data" they will only see a 'Is Linked' message

App Commands

There is also a great Discord feature that not many other people know about which is app commands. You can right-click any user almost anywhere in your Discord -> Select Apps -> Link Check

This will execute the same command to be run above but does not require you to type anything out.

Tip: Using the App Commands feature is incredibly fast. You could use it to get your admin's steam id's quickly whenever you need it

Tebex Short Cuts

You can also use the apps feature to send Tebex Discounts or Packages. You can learn more about that here and here.

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