Tebex Integration Discord Bot Tools

As part of the GST Bot, there are tools that can be used with Tebex. In order for all these tools to work the user MUST be discord linked.

Send Tebex Package

You can send Tebex packages directly to users by right-clicking their user almost anywhere in Discord selecting Apps -> Give Tebex package

Select Package

Clicking this will search for Tebex packages. You can then select the package you would like to give from the drop-down list.

Enter Reason

It will then ask you to provide a reason for giving the package. You input this by typing directly into the channel.

Successfully Submitted

Once you have submitted a reason the package will be added to the user. They will also receive a message from our bot notifying them.

GST will still abide by the rules you have set for packages on Tebex. For example, limiting the number of times a user can claim a package. If this limit is reached the package will fail to be added.

Sending Coupon Code

You also have the ability to send coupon codes to users via the GST Discord bot. This can be done in a very similar fashion.

The GST Discord Bot does not currently use coupon templates. This is a planned feature

To send a coupon code first right-click the member anywhere on Discord select Apps -> Give Tebex % Code.

Select Discount Amount

Then select the % discount you would like to give from the dropdown list.

Select Coupon Type

Select the coupon application type. We recommend using apply to each package individually.


Then enter the code the user will use to claim the coupon code.

Make sure that the coupon code is unique. Tebex does not allow coupon codes to be duplicated. The code will fail to create if you enter an already used discount code.

Expire Time

Select how long the coupon will be valid.

Applicable Packages

Lastly, select all the packages you want this coupon to be applied to.

You can select just one or multiple packages


Your coupon will then be created! You will be able to view the coupon on your Tebex dashboard and the player will receive a direct message from the GST Bot with information on the coupon code.

There is currently an issue with Tebex being unable to lock coupon codes to specific users. We have reached out to them to fix the issue.

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