There is several behind the scene functionality for Discord Linker. These are not things you can always see happening or use. This page will simply list those features so you have a understanding of what's going on.

Linking and Rewards

When users link their accounts you can reward them in multiple ways. They are as follows

  • In-game oxide/umod group -e.g. Chat Tags/Kits/Queue Skip - Anything that works with permissions

  • One time reward of your choice (Requires extra development)

  • Tebex Package

  • Tebex Coupon

Tip: Want to try and increase your sales. You could send people that link discount codes to try your premium packages or get more views on your store to grow sales.

Once they have linked they will be sent a direct message from the GST Bot. Example shown below.

If you have set up Tebex Coupons or Packages as rewards they will also be sent in this message.

To claim the in-game rewards players must type /linked. Their account is also checked every time they connect to the server (If configured to do so).


At any time users may wish to unlink their account from your Discord. They can do this by heading to your Discord Linker page and signing in with any of their accounts. (Steam or Discord). An unlink button will then be presented.

Clicking this button will remove their link from your servers and their privileges will be lost including in-game permissions and the Discord Linker role.

When users unlink we keep a record behind the scenes. This prevents them from claiming multiple one-time rewards such as Tebex packages/coupons

Leaving your Discord

If a user leaves your discord we flag their link as "not active". This simply means they no longer get privileges for being linked. This is done by the GST Discord Bot.

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