GST Reports

What is it?

GST Reporting tool is an extension of the in-game F7 report feature. When a player reports another player on one of your servers using the in-game F7 report, a message will be sent to a Discord channel of your choosing in your Discord.

It has tools to allow you to add information to the report as you progress through it.

The report tool can be very useful for managing reports on your server. It allows you to see what admin is tackling each report, as well as informing players throughout the process. In terms of muting/dealing with abusive players, You can handle someone who is abusive in chat in as little as 5 mouse clicks. You can read about that here


In order for GST Reports to work your need to have the following already set up

  • A channel configured in the GST Reports settings area

  • All game servers added to your dashboard

  • GST Bot invited and setup in your Discord

  • Discord Linker Plugin installed and Configured

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