Discord Giveaways Tool

Our Discord Giveaways Tool allows you to easily create giveaways in your Discord for users in just a few clicks. Once a giveaway is complete, the rewards will automatically be applied to the winning user(s), meaning once you have created the giveaway, the winners and prize distribution is handled by our tool.

Giveaways are a great way to give back to your community. Our tool allows you to run a smooth giveaway, and not have to worry about distributing rewards via DMs or any other methods.

The Discord Giveaways section of the dashboard will display this page, showing previous raffles.

You must create a Tebex Package on your Tebex Dashboard that you wish to giveaway

Expanding the giveaway via the downwards arrow will show the Discord ID of those that entered, as well as the winner.

Before creating a giveaway, you should head to the settings page and choose which Discord channel the giveaway pane should be sent to. Make sure it is a channel people can see!

Pressing the blue 'Create New Giveaway' button will show the following:

Simply follow each drop down menu to create your giveaway, then press 'Add New Giveaway' to send it to the chosen Discord channel.

Once created, a panel will be sent to your chosen Discord channel. Here, users simply press a button to enter the giveaway. Once the giveaway has ended, a winner (or winners) will be chosen, and their rewards automatically applied to their linked steam account.

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