Player Report Ticket

Pressing on the ‘Player Report’ button will open a report ticket. As always the user will have to be discord linked to open this kind of ticket.

Upon opening the ticket, the user will be prompted with a drop down menu to choose from. The user will have 1 of 3 options to select as seen below.

  • Selecting ‘Enter Steam ID’ will ask the reporter to input the Steam ID of the person he wishes to report.

  • Choosing ‘Select recent f7 report’ will provide the reporter with a list of their recent F7 reports. They can then open the ticket to a specific report.

  • ‘Select player that is near you’ will display a list of players around the reporter on the specific server they are on. This is useful if they are unable to grab the name/steam ID of the person they are trying to report.

Once one of these three options have been selected, a ticket will be opened.

If the reporter takes too long or does not complete one of the three options to open the ticket, the ticket will be automatically closed. This is done to stop spam attempts. There is also a cooldown timer for creating tickets.

Once created, a ticket will look like this. Here the reporter can send extra information or evidence against the person he has reported. In the photo you can see that me - as a server admin - has pressed the ‘Teleport to Player’ button. Pressing this will teleport you to the user, should you wish to monitor them yourself. This feature will only work if you are connected to the server already on Rust and have the appropriate permissions in GST.

Admins are also able to press the ‘Mute Player’ button. Doing so will create a dropdown menu where they can select the appropriate mute time.

We have found the player reports ticket to be particularly useful. No longer do tickets take twice as long as we have the exact info of who is being reported. No more waiting for the reporter to find the accused’s name or steam ID, it is clearly displayed for the admins to see. This ticket type makes reports much less of a headache to the admin team and can make your ticket solving time much much faster!

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