Ban Ctrl Dashboard Tools

The Ban Ctrl area of the GST Dashboard is split into two sections. The banning area, and the search and manage bans area.

Add New Ban

Firstly, the ‘Add new bans’ area. In the picture below you can see an example ban

Adding bans is easy!

First start by adding the users you wish to ban. This is done by inputting the steam id of the user into the field and clicking add user.

Did you know you can ban multiple people at the same time. For example banning multiple people for teaming.

Once the users to be banned have been added fill in each of the fields.

  • Reason - The reason for banning the user

  • Ban Category - Select a category that best fits the ban.

  • Duration - Select either permanent by toggling the switch or by entering a time.

Once you have filled all required forms press the ‘Add New Bans’ button and job done! The user will be kicked from all your servers and then added to the recent list.

If you have multiple servers it may take longer to kick the user.

Search and Manage Bans

In the Search and Manage Bans section, you are able to see all of the recent bans on your servers. You are able to easily look up a person via their steam ID to see if they have been banned or not.

Pressing on a ban will show more detailed information on the ban, such as time till ban expiry, the time of ban, as well as the person who administered the ban.

If a banned user creates a ban appeal through the GST Tickets system (you can read about this here), and the ban appeal is accepted, the ban will be updated on the dashboard. You can then delete the ban should you wish, or you can keep it for your records in case the person gets banned again in the future.

There is a caching system on the plugin to increase performance on your server. This means it can take up to 10 minutes to refresh the status of a ban on your game servers.

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