Tebex Coupon Templates

By creating a Tebex coupon template, you are able to have this coupon sent to players who have Discord Linked. For example, you can send newly linked players a discount code for VIP on your server (or any other package that you may have on your Tebex store). You are also able to send these coupons manually through the GST Dashboard or GST Discord Bot.

You must have Tebex.io linked to your GST dashboard for this feature to work. Learn more here

To create a new coupon template head to your Tebex settings on your GST dashboard. That can be found here. To being the process click the "Add new coupon" button on the right side of the page.

This will begin the coupon generation stage.

This will present you with a form to fill in. Details on what each field is are explained below

  • Coupon Name - This is the name used to identify the coupon. It is only used for admin purposes

  • Code - This will be the actual code users use to redeem this coupon. The code must contain the following text value "{random}". When the coupon is created it will replace "{random}" with random numbers and letters. You must not use any special characters within the code. For example, setting "Test{random}" would create the coupon code "TestNJ348FAJ"

  • Expire Time - This is how long the coupon will be valid, upon creation.

  • Percentage Discount - How much discount % to give.

  • Discount Type - Select the method for applying discounts

  • Packages - Select all the packages that this coupon can be used for

The following would create a coupon called Discord Linker, The code would be a collection of random numbers and letters, It would expire after 2 hours and would give 50% off the "Starter Pack" package.

Once a coupon is created it can be used throughout GST. Learn more about how to use them here and here.

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