Ban Ctrl Game Server Plugin

In order for Ban Ctrl to work a Umod plugin is required to be installed and configured on all your servers. The plugin can be found here:

The plugin is not publicly available for download. Please reach out to us to download it. You most likely would have received the plugin within the signup process anyway.

The plugin contains three commands

  • /ban [user] [reason] [duration]

  • /addallbans

/ban command

This command is a override of the default vanilla command but uses the same permissions as well as parameters. Example /ban cameron "Flying around + god mode" 5M - This would ban cameron for 5 months under the reason Flying around + god mode.

Notice the use of " " for the reason as it contains spaces!

/addallbans command

This command will import all your existing bans in your bans file. Once imported you should clear the contents of your bans file to ensure no conflicting ban statuses.

Automatic bans

Not all bans are issued by admins - some bans are issued by the server, potentially by other plugins or anti cheat. If this occurs the ban will still be applied and marked as "Server Console" on your ban list.

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