GST Tickets Settings

Navigating to the GST Tickets section of the GST Dashboard will display this page.

From top to bottom, the customisation options are:

  • Discord Channel Category - Choose a category from your discord server via the dropdown menu where created tickets will appear. You must select a category for it to work.

  • Ban Appeal Ticket Roles - Choose what roles can view ban appeal tickets - The dropdown menu will contain a list of all the roles on your discord server

  • Payment (Tebex) Roles - Choose what roles can view payment-related tickets - you should not allow lower-ranking staff to see these tickets

  • Report Ticket Roles - Choose what roles can view player report tickets

  • General Ticket Roles - Choose what roles can view general support tickets

  • Send Interaction Panel - Pick a channel and click send to send the ticket creation message. You can send it to multiple channels if you wish.

Upon sending the interaction panel, this message will appear in your chosen discord channel, and tickets created from this panel will appear in the chosen category.

All tickets except the ‘General Support’ ticket require you to be account linked to open. If you are not discord linked, the ticket will request you to be linked, and give you 15 minutes to do so before the ticket is closed.

Clicking on any of the buttons will open the specific type of ticket.

  • Ban Appeal

  • Tebex Ticket

  • General Ticket

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