Server Settings

This is where you add your game servers - this allows your game servers to talk to your dashboard and all other GST services. The amount of servers you can add depends on your subscription and the number of servers you have selected. More info on that can be found here

If you require more servers than the dashboard will allow you to add please reach out to us to upgrade your subscription!

Server settings can be accessed here. To add a new server enter your server's IP and server port into the fields at the top right of the page and then click Add New Server.

Your server must be online and reachable in order to add a new server.

Once servers have been added you can not delete them! You can however update them.

Once you have added your first server you will see it will be added to the list of servers. Clicking on the server will show extra fields.

Here you will see the information you have just entered as well as the option to add your RCON details. Enter your RCON port and RCON password and click update. Your server will then be able to access GST services.

It is highly recommended to add your RCON details. Some services may not function correctly or at all without them provided!

Your RCON password is stored encrypted. For security, you will never be able to see the value again in your dashboard or any other tool. No users you add to your dashboard will be able to view the RCON password.

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