Tebex Integration

What is it?

Tebex is an online store that allows you to sell virtual goods for in-game rewards on your game servers. You can learn more about what Tebex is here.

Game Server Tools is not affiliated in any way with Tebex.io

This feature of GST is particularly useful in increasing the monetisation aspect of your server, and increasing sales, as well as rewarding players Tebex packages much easier. For example distributing giveaway prizes.

This feature of GST can be accessed by heading to the GST Dashboard then Settings -> Tebex or by clicking here.

This is the most complex area of GST but provides a lot of useful features, so please read this section of the document thoroughly.


In order for Tebex integration to work your need to have the following already set up:

  • Tebex integration setup

  • GST Bot invited and setup in your Discord

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