Ticket Logs

Closing any type of ticket will automatically save the ticket logs to the GST dashboard. You are able to find ticket logs here. You must have the correct permissions in the user settings to view this area.

On this page you are able to lookup ticket logs via Steam ID (only if they are linked) or Discord ID.

Recent tickets are also shown on this page, clearly displaying the:

  • Ticket Type

  • Steam User (person who has opened the ticket)

  • Staff Members (profile pictures of staff that have typed in the ticket)

  • How long ago the ticket was created

Tickets will not be saved if:

  • You manually delete the discord channel instead of closing the ticket

  • Only one person types in the ticket (we assume the user managed to solve the issue on their own)

The following types of content in the ticket will not be saved:

  • Embedded messages (bot messages)

  • Uploaded files

There is currently no limit on the amount of logs that can be saved, however this may change in the future.

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