Dashboard Tools

You can navigate to the Discord Linker tools section by using the toolbar on the left on the dashboard screen or by heading to this link.

On this page you will be greeted with the following info and tools

  • Total Links

  • Recent Links

  • Link search

This will display the total links you have with your organisation.

This panel is used to display all the recent links. You can use the arrows to navigate further back.

Within this screen, you can pull up user information by clicking on the user in the link.

Tip: Why not send people who have just linked a Tebex discount code or a Tebex package to help promote sales? This can be done on the user information page with one of the two buttons in the top right.

Tip: The discord linker page is not the only place you can pull this information up.

Using this tool you are able to look up a player's Steam or Discord ID to see if they are linked or not. You will see the following data.

INFO: If a user has "no private data" Discord Linker permission this information will not display and instead a "Is linked" message will be shown.

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