Tebex Intergration Setup

This simple guide will show you how to add Tebex integration to your site.

Getting your Tebex API Key

The first step to getting Tebex integrated with GST is to get an API key from Tebex themselves. You first need to head to your game server settings area on your Tebex.io dashboard which can be found here.

Here you will see any game servers you have already added. Your first step is to create a new one that GST will use. This can be done by clicking the 'Connect Game Server' button at the top right or by heading here.

Then click the 'Plugin' option.

Enter in a name that you can use to identify what it does in the future. We recommend something to do with Game Server Tools or GST. Then select all the packages you would like GST to have access to.

We recommend you select all your packages even if you don't plan on using them with GST.

Click continue and then on the next page select skip. This will take you back to the game servers page and you will see your newly created server. Select the edit button.

You will then be shown the name you provided, your Secret Key (API key) as well as all the packages you have selected. Click copy Secret Key and hold onto it.

You can edit the packages GST will have access to here. This can cause issues if removing packages such as removing a package that is used by other tools.

Adding your API key to GST

The final step is to add your API key to your dashboard. This can be done by heading to your Tebex Settings or by clicking here

Paste your Tebex Secret key into the Tebex secret field at the top right. Then click "update Tebex secret key".

Your Tebex secret key is stored encrypted. For security, you will never be able to see the value again in your dashboard or any other tool. No users you add to your dashboard will be able to view the secret key value.

To check that you have successfully linked your Tebex to your GST dashboard. Head to your Discord Linker settings page. Once loaded click the Tebex Package dropdown. If you see your packages you have linked your Tebex successfully!

If the packages listed in the dropdown are not displaying the correct image this is because of one your packages does not have an image assigned to it on Tebex. Correct this by assigning any image to all packages.

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