Nitro Boost Rewards

What Is It?

Nitro Boost Rewards allows you to easily monitor the Nitro Boosts on your Discord server. You can reward players for Nitro Boosting your Discord Server with the following rewards

  • In-game oxide/umod group -e.g. Chat Tags/Kits/Queue Skip - Anything that works with permissions

  • Tebex Package that is sent every 30 days

  • Tebex Coupon that is sent every 30 days


In order for Nitro Boost Rewards working you need to have the following already set up

  • GST Bot invited and set up in your Discord

  • Discord Linker Plugin installed and Configured

  • All Nitro boost settings configured correctly

Nitro Boost Rewards and Discord Linker use the same game server plugin. Please look here for instructions on setting the Discord Linker plugin up

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