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When a user nitro boosts your Discord they can be given the following rewards
  • In-game oxide/umod group -e.g. Chat Tags/Kits/Queue Skip - Anything that works with permissions
  • Tebex Package that is sent every 30 days
  • Tebex Coupon that is sent every 30 days
Nitro Rewards for in-game rewards require that the Discord Linker plugin to be configured correctly
Tebex rewards are sent every 30 days automatically.
There may be a few hours delay in sending users their monthly Tebex rewards on renewal.

Expired Boosts

When boosts expire the user loses all in-game permissions. They will also no longer be given monthly Tebex rewards.

Transferred Boosts

It is not common knowledge that you can transfer Discord boosts after 1 week of them being active. If this occurs then we treat the boost as expired and also prevent further Tebex rewards from being claimed until after their first 4 weeks would have expired.
It is possible for users to claim Tebex rewards for only boosting your server for one week. Cater your rewards for this possibility.